ISEA2016HK will make use of a number of venues accessible by public transportation. Main events will take place at City University’s Creative Media Centre, Jockey Club Innovation Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Cattle Depot Artist Village. In addition to the main venues satellite events and openings will take place at various partner venues in the city. Please see the map below for locations of main venues marked in red, and conference hotels marked in green:


Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, School of Creative Media City University of Hong Kong

Opened in 2011, the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre that houses the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong, is a bold statement of its aspirations. Its internationally acclaimed architect Daniel Libeskind, envisaged the building as “a beacon of creativity” for Hong Kong and the world. The Centre is named after Sir Run Run Shaw, the progenitor of the Hong Kong film industry in appreciation of his generous contributions to City University of Hong Kong and outstanding entrepreneurial achievements.

An iconic showcase of discovery and innovation, the 26,000-square-metre Centre is one of the world’s most advanced teaching and research facilities, and the first purpose-built centre for creative media education in Hong Kong and Asia. Its dynamic architectural spaces stimulate the senses and inspire students, faculty and staff to work and play together. Spectacular performance and exhibition facilities bring a new level of public outreach and cultural engagement to Hong Kong. School of Creative Media has a track record of running successful events in the Creative Media Centre facility. Facilities to be used by the Symposium include auditoria, screening theatres, 3D Dolby Digital/THX cinema, exhibition gallery, and a black box theatre.

Please visit School of Creative Media’s website for more information about venues at Creative Media Centre.


CITYU PNG           School creative design PNG      ACIM LOGO


Innovation Tower, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“The fluid character of the Innovation Tower is generated through an intrinsic composition of its landscape, floor plates and louvers that dissolves the classic typology of the tower and the podium into an iconic seamless piece. These fluid internal and external courtyards create new public spaces of an intimate scale which complement the large open exhibition forums and outdoor recreational facilities to promote a diversity of civic spaces.”

  • Zaha Hadid, Architect, Innovation Tower

The Jockey Club Innovation Tower is home to PolyU’s School of Design and is the new driving force in the development of Hong Kong as a design hub in Asia. The Tower is located at the northeastern tip of the university campus.  Construction work began in 2009 and the whole project was completed in August, 2013.  It has 15,000 square metres of net floor area and can accommodate about 1,800 staff and students.  It houses a lecture hall, 10 classrooms, design studios and workshops, as well as exhibition spaces and a communal viewing lounge.

Please visit School of Design’s website for more information about venues at Innovation Tower. Link:



Cattle Depot Artist Village

Cattle Depot Artist Village is located in a Grade II –listed historical site built in 1907-1908. Originally the building housed the Ma Tau Kok Quarantine Depot, and the slaughterhouse moved in shortly after the building was completed. The site was used for cattle quarantine and slaughtering for more than 90 years, and was closed in 1999.

In 2001, occupants of an artist village community occupying a former Government Supplies Headquarters site on Hong Kong Island were relocated to the Cattle Depot site and the artist village in its current form was inaugurated. Cattle Depot’s five high-ceilinged red-brick buildings, offer a total space of 15,000 square meters. The buildings are mostly open-plan, and thus suitable for variety of uses. Currently Cattle Depot Artist Village is home to approximately 20 artist groups and art administration organizations, including Videotage. Cattle Depot regularlys host a number of events like exhibitions, performances, concerts, fashion shows, movie screenings, seminars, workshops, reheals, art and book fairs, festiva ls and other outdoor events.